1. A generic X-ray photo of the human teeth and mouth. Photo by Umanoide on Unsplash.

    What to Know About Oral Surgery

    If there’s one thing that people fear at the dentist, it’s usually related to oral surgery. From root canal treatment to wisdom tooth extraction, the thought of having to go under for surgical work doesn’t sound terribly appealing. Despite its seemingly scary name, however, oral surgery is a n…Read More

  2. A white bottle of lotion rests on a table next to pink flowers, a tealight candle, and a gray towel. Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash.

    How A Dental Spa Can Help You Relax

    On top of the mayhem that already fills our schedules, going to the dentist can often feel like a chore or an added stress. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the advent of dental spas and relaxation dentistry, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy your time at the dentist, to e…Read More

  3. An assortment of medical supplies including scissors, dental floss, and a thermometer. Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash.

    Reasons You May Need A Root Canal

    Root canal treatment is a common procedure that may be recommended for a wide variety of reasons. In all cases, however, it aims to address the same issue: the inflammation or infection of the soft tissue inside the root canal.  In this article, we’ll look at root canal treatment and the reasons …Read More

  4. A hand wearing a silver colored ring holds a pair of dentures and a surgical tool. Photo by Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash.

    Dental Implants 101: What You Should Know

    Tooth loss or dental damage can happen for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the exact cause, there’s few better options for replacing and mimicking the function of natural teeth than with the placement of a dental implant. In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about the basi…Read More

  5. Two wooden toothbrushes in a glass mason jar. Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash.

    Homemade Natural Toothpaste Alternatives for the Health Conscious

    With the COVID-19 coronavirus now at pandemic levels, more and more people are opting to practice social distancing. But just because you’re voluntarily quarantining yourself off from the world doesn’t mean you can stop caring about dental hygiene. How, though, do you get toothpaste when you can…Read More

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    Welcome to our site! We are in the process of building our blog page and will have many interesting articles to share in the coming months. Please stay tuned to this page for information to come. And if you have any questions about our business or want to reach out to us, we would love for you to st…Read More