A white bottle of lotion rests on a table next to pink flowers, a tealight candle, and a gray towel. Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash.

On top of the mayhem that already fills our schedules, going to the dentist can often feel like a chore or an added stress. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thanks to the advent of dental spas and relaxation dentistry, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy your time at the dentist, to eliminate fear, and to leave feeling more refreshed than when you walked in.

In this article, we’ll discuss what relaxation dentistry is, how it differs from other forms of dental care, and what this service can do for you and your family. For more information on relaxation dentistry or to learn about our variety of services in the Phoenix area, please call Beautiful Smiles Dental Spa today!

What is a Dental Spa?

It’s extremely common for people to have a sense of fear or anxiety prior to visiting the dentist, even if it’s for nothing more than a routine checkup and cleaning. To ease these feelings of discomfort and to make the experience at a dentist’s office more pleasant, you may consider relaxing at a dental spa.

Like traditional spas that aim to reduce stress and encourage relaxation, a dental spa offers a combination of soothing services and amenities in addition to standard dental procedures and examinations. 

Dental spas are highly recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) for their proven ability to reduce anxiety and to protect those with heart disease or panic disorders. To experience it for yourself, check out our dental spa in Phoenix!

What Can You Find at a Dental Spa?

The services and amenities of a given dental spa will vary depending on the provider, who typically operates as an independent business owner. However, you can usually find one or more of the following options in a standard relaxation dentistry practice:

  • Skin care treatments 
  • Paraffin wax exfoliation and smoothing 
  • Nourishing and delicious food and drink
  • Pillows for comfort, especially in the neck and back
  • Recreational amenities like television, games, movies, books, etc.
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Massage therapy
  • Relaxation techniques include meditation and calming music

How is a Dental Spa Different from a Normal Dentist?

Compared to more traditional dental practices, the dental spa can be thought of as a more modern, patient-friendly environment. Standard dentists may not be aware of the fact that many of their patients suffer from anxiety and negative emotions regarding medical treatment. As a result, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any of the amenities or services mentioned above. 

The biggest differences (and advantage) between a dental spa and a standard dentistry boil down to the diversity of services offered and the level of care expressed for each and every patient. Visiting the dentist should not be stressful, but if you have trouble calming yourself down about it, then Beautiful Smiles Dental Spa may just be the perfect place for you.


Dental spas are excellent places not only for relaxation of the patient, but for improved service from the dentist. Thanks to the reduced stress you’ll feel when visiting a relaxation dentistry clinic, your dentist will be able to get work done more effectively and efficiently. If you need a massage before any work begins or you’d feel better after a cup of tea, these desires are much more likely to be accommodated at a dental spa of your choice. 

Learn more about our wide variety of services, amenities, and what we can do for you and your smile, here at Beautiful Smiles Dental Spa of Phoenix!