Two wooden toothbrushes in a glass mason jar. Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus now at pandemic levels, more and more people are opting to practice social distancing. But just because you’re voluntarily quarantining yourself off from the world doesn’t mean you can stop caring about dental hygiene.

How, though, do you get toothpaste when you can’t leave the house for fear of catching the contagion? Don’t worry — there are plenty of homemade toothpaste alternatives. Your teeth and gums will be good to go for quite a while after you whip up these toothpastes, whether this mini-apocalypse lasts for a few weeks or until next winter.

Baking Soda

This alternative shouldn’t be used every day, as it can weaken and erode enamel over time due to its acidity, but baking soda is a great way to cleanse and whiten your teeth. Mix a small amount (about a teaspoon) of baking soda with lemon juice or water and stir it up until it forms a workable paste you can put on your toothbrush. You’ll be amazed by the refreshing taste and the instant whitening effect! 

Coconut Oil

This might be hard to find if you don’t already have it at home, but if you use coconut oil as a homemade toothpaste, you won’t be disappointed. Touted as a cure-all, universal oil, this vaseline-like substance has fantastic antibacterial and antifungal properties for a clean brush and long-term dental health. Fun fact: you can mix the coconut oil with some essential oils to make it suit your desired flavor profile!

Herbal Tooth Powder

This waste-free toothpaste alternative may sound uber-modern, but it’s actually been around for quite a few decades. Made from a combination of herbs, spices, and plant extracts, tooth powder is an all-natural option for elevating the white of your teeth and improving the overall health of your mouth. To make this powder at home, combine the following dried and crushed herbal components in equal parts:

  • Organic Shavegrass Herb
  • Organic Peppermint Leaf
  • Wildcrafted White Oak Bark
  • Cloves
  • Wildcrafted Prickly Ash Bark
  • Wildcrafted Bayberry Bark
  • Wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark
  • Stevia Herb.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Like baking soda, you don’t want to use this alternative every day because of its abrasive nature. That being said, most store-bought toothpastes do contain peroxide for its stain-protecting properties. Consult with your local dentist before trying this option, as some people may be more susceptible to its potential to damage tooth enamel. 

Sea Salt 

When you think of brushing your teeth, you probably don’t think of the ocean — but sea salt is a wonderful natural alternative toothpaste that is very easy to make at home. Simply mix ⅔ cup of baking soda with one to one-and-a-half teaspoons of pure sea salt. Add 10-15 drops of your desired essential oil, for flavor as well as aromatic effect. Lastly, you’ll gradually add water to the mixture until the paste has thickened or thinned to your desired consistency. 


The coronavirus may be a threat to the health of some people, but no one should be at risk for dental problems. When it’s so easy to make our own toothpaste at home, why wouldn’t you want to give it a taste?

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