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Do you have missing or damaged teeth that have left gaps or make chewing difficult? Find an affordable, lasting solution to gaps or damaged teeth by partnering with Beautiful Smiles Dental Spa. We provide both removable and permanent dental prosthetics, allowing you to choose the options best suited to your unique needs. Visit our passionate team today to learn more about dental prostheses, how they are implemented, and if you’re a good candidate.

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We provide five main dental prosthetics that can be carefully customized to meet your dental needs, including:

Dental Crowns — A dental crown protects a damaged tooth’s center to prolong its life while improving the overall appearance and decreasing pain.

Dentures — Fill in the gaps from missing teeth with either partial or full dentures. There are several options when it comes to dentures including conventional full-mouth dentures, partial dentures, and overdentures to help preserve the jawbone and structural stability.

Veneers — Adjust the shape and color of your existing teeth with dental veneers. Porcelain or laminates create a shell over the existing teeth to offer protection.

Dental Implants — Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are implanted directly into your jawbone to provide a permanent filler tooth.

Dental Bridges — Bridge the dental gap by replacing missing teeth. Bridges use the support of adjoining teeth and a crown to create a filler tooth to fill in gaps.
Everyone has unique needs when it comes to dental prosthetics, but we are here to come up with a personalized solution. From permanent to removable, we can meet your requests, budget, and aesthetic goals. Contact our experienced dental team today to get started.

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